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pcb plotter Try Panama City Beach - Where It's Spring Break All Year Long

27. Jul 2016 17:30, rigidflex

Try Panama City Beach - Where It's Spring Break All Year Long In Panama City Beach, as all of in the Panhandle, you'll find a place where Southern hospitality and quaint beach charm compel you to simply slow down and relax, take a warm deep breath of fresh salty air, enjoy the scenery while enjoying those you are there to share it with.

Say Panama City Beach, to anyone of the MTV crowd and they have visions of beautiful people in little more than beachwear splashing around the pool at LaVela day or night. Few cities offer as much to do after dark as before it but Panama City Beach is one of those places. After a day on the beach and a delicious, fresh seafood dinner put on your party clothes and check out the nightlife. Club LaVela is one of the most popular night spots on Panama City Beach. If you've ever seen MTV's Spring Break coverage you're familiar with this place or at least have heard the name. Club La Vela is the largest nightclub in America and one of the trendiest in the world. They currently have 14 theme rooms and add more all the time in order to stay on the cutting edge of nightlife. They have live entertainment and concerts weekly, Ladies Night every Friday and 'theme' nights such as 80's Mania on Sunday Night. Another popular club in the area is Coyote Ugly Saloon, the one made famous by the movie and CMT. They have nightly drink specials, concerts and special events. If you'd like to find a fun place right on the beach Sharky's is your spot. Shark's claims to be the worlds largest Tiki Bar, I've been there, it might just be true. They have live entertainment on the weekends.

Panama City Beach means different things to different people. To a family Panama City Beach is a great place to spend a vacation. You can enjoy all kinds of watersports and boating here and the fishing is second to none. If you scuba dive there are many sunken ships off the coast here to explore. When you're ready to relax just claim at patch on one of the white sand beaches there and let the world float away. If you'd rather be golfing you're in the right place, Golf Digest ranked Panama City Beach the third best golf city in America. Then when you're nice and relaxed after your day on the beach or in the water you can shake up the night at one of the many hot spots here. Another claim to fame of Panama Beach is it's claim to be the "Seafood Capital of the World". While I'm not sure about that I can say it's not uncommon to drive through and see restaurant marques advertising some kind of fresh fish that had been caught the night before for lunch or dinner. Along with being a very popular spring break spot Panama City Beach is know for the spectacular fishing common in the panhandle and also the magnificent resorts set on their sugar white beaches.

If you're looking for more of a family night out go then Pier Park in Panama City Beach the place. It is actually an outdoor mall which means in has shops, rigid flex art galleries and places to eat just no roof, except for the movie theatre, it has a roof . It looks like the main street in a quaint small town of yesteryear. Pier Park is located on Front Beach Road and covers approximately 1.1 million square feet right in the middle of Panama City Beach. Pier Park is also hosts a number of summer concerts and community events.

If you're looking for a quick bite try Camille's Sidewalk Cafe or Quizno's Subs. Margaritaville is always fun as is Reggae J's Island Grill. Buffalo Wild Wings and Five Guys Famous Hamburgers & Fries are great casual places, if you'd like to cool off with a sundae or ice cream cone the Marble Slab Creamery is a crowd favorite.

If you're looking for a night without the kids but a little more low-key than sharing the night with 5,000 of your closest friends try Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, a honky-tonk come to town from Nashville, it's new and sure to become a local nighttime hot spot in no time.

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pcb board price - An Oversight of PCB Manufacturing

27. Jul 2016 16:31, rigidflex

An Oversight of PCB Manufacturing The demand for PCBs (printed circuit boards) will seemingly not decrease within the near future; futuristic mobile phones, BluRay disc players, plasma TVs, electric automobiles along with the like have all produced certain of this. PCB manufacturing technology is also not relenting and is up to date with modern day electronic goods requirements. As an electronics manufacturer we just can't be ignorant of contemporary PCB tech - the varieties of PCBs being as many as they are representative of your numerous modern PCB procedures and processes only lately developed. The style and manufacture of PCBs should be left to businesses equipped with the most current of PCB gear applied in the prototyping and actualization phases. PCB manufacturing might be divided into manufacturing the boards with or with out components. Blank PCBs can be single or double sided. Distinctive PCBs have distinctive capacities. We are able to have multilayered PCBs manufactured by means of approaches for instance PCB milling, copper etching, screen printing and so on. Most PCB fabrication businesses also supply prototyping solutions - this requires creating a operating PCB model prior to actual mass production can commence. The raw components used in PCB manufacturing are varied but copper will be the fundamental material. Copper is generally coated utilizing a tin-lead combination to guard it against oxidation. The business common for PCB get in touch with points is copper covered with this lead-tin combination, plated with nickel, and finished off with gold to maintain exceptional conductivity. The good quality manage considerations that the manufacturer functions by are a point to look out for. This entails the different visual as well as computerized scrutinies on the printed circuit board manufacturing steps from the conception to shipping stages. Additionally, it particulars the actions taken to rectify flaws and faults inside the approach. PCB board manufacturing could be a pretty dangerous procedure both to humans as well as the atmosphere. This really is specifically so where the element Lead is present. A PCB manufacturing plant should really be able to clearly define the security considerations it has in spot to cope with toxic matter, techniques of disposing off obsolete PCBs, the recycling processes, and also the contemporary human and environmentally-friendly gear and processes they've in location. The manufacturing procedure deployed is a essential because the operating in the PCB and consequently the distinctive equipment made use of in PCB manufacturing are complicated and sensitive. The fabrication environment can also be a controlled one so as to prevent the PCBs from any contamination. Your PCB firm of selection should be capable of assure this even for the final solution packaging procedure. Ignoring that is equal to placing your organization and its electronic products' reputation in jeopardy.

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flexible pcb material-Discovering Printed Circuit Boards in Plain English

27. Jul 2016 12:59, rigidflex

Discovering Printed Circuit Boards in Plain English An critical element of each and every electronic device is definitely the printed circuit board (PCB). The board itself, referred to as substrate, provides a strong surface upon which to mount components. The PCB also connects elements so they could communicate with one another through wire-like connections named traces. Traces are made by laminating copper sheets for the circuit board and etching off whatever copper is just not required. Electronics customers typically have the notion that a PCB substrate is 1 solid piece of material. Even though single-piece printed circuit boards do exist, multiple-layer circuit boards will be the norm. Thin material with traces etched upon it really is stacked and bonded collectively, one on top from the other. A dozen or additional layers could comprise a single circuit board. The traces on each and every layer need a solution to carry electrical currents to traces on other layers, inside the exact same way that individuals on every floor of a developing need to have a way to get to other floors of your constructing. To accomplish this, tiny holes are drilled through each of the layers, like an elevator shaft operating from best to bottom, wherever a connection is needed among layers. These holes are filled with metal and are called plated by means of holes. Other holes are utilised to mount chips, referred to as integrated circuits (ICs), and connect them to traces. These holes will not be filled strong like plated via holes but rather have a metal coating inside the holes running by way of the layers. Each and every chip has metal prongs jutting from it, that are inserted into the holes and soldered into spot throughout the printed circuit board assembly. This ensures that the metal prongs can send and get signals to and from the chip. Because chips have highly complicated logical capabilities, the pc business calls them wise components. Engineers refer to other elements as passive. Unlike the active chip, passive components merely wait for electrical currents. Like a bump inside the road adjustments the behavior of a car or truck passing more than it, passive components adjust the behavior of electrical energy passing more than them. Resistors, for example, lessen the current's voltage or amperage like a bump within the road slows the auto. Other passive components incorporate capacitors, diodes, switches and transformers. Lots of kinds of circuit boards exist to perform numerous varieties of functions. The motherboard controls each of the other printed PCB inside the computer system. Expansion cards like video cards and sound cards control additional attributes on a computer. The PCB's function determines which mixture of elements will probably be mounted upon it and what paths the traces will take.

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pcb make Signs That Your Hard Drive May Crash

27. Jul 2016 12:45, rigidflex

Signs That Your Hard Drive May Crash Computers have become an integral part of every home and office in today's fast paced world. In fact, to carry a computer with you are no more a fashion fad but a business necessity not only to keep you up-to-date but help you process many other things while still on the move. It is no surprise therefore, that we should understand some basics of our computers if we are to ensure its smooth running at all times.

As we work on our computers daily, there are many error messages that keep popping up and most of them are ignored. What we fail to understand is that these messages are indicators of a malfunctioning hard drive which could be on the verge of a crash soon. A hard drive crash will not only affect our daily duties but also cause lot of hardships through loss of important data. Some of the most common errors are, hard drive not Formatted, Operating system not found, hard drive not found, Disk failure or Disk drive corrupted, rigid flex Unknown booting device etc.

Each error indicates a different problem the hard drive may be facing and most of them need immediate attention. A 'hard drive not formatted' error indicates damaged, deleted or corrupted hard drive partition. Anything from power cuts or voltage surges to viruses can cause this. Some disk partitioning utilities and software downloads or updates could also be the reason. Such a message blinking could mean some alterations in BIOS boot priorities have occurred or the hard disk has turned bad or a virus has infected certain parts of the hard drive. These symptoms should be attended to immediately, to avoid further damage to your hard drive.

Apart from such pop up images, also look out for any tell tale signs like clicking sounds that are emitted from your computer's hard drive. These sounds indicate corrupted firmware or damaged magnetic platters, affected PCB controller, misalignment of the hard drive components due to a fall and power surges. An overheated hard drive could also cause expansion of the internal components, which come in contact of each other causing the click sounds. Another reason could be a broken actuator arm that sways freely inside your CPU.

If the problems are left unattended, it would eventually cause the system to freeze or hang. A computer hangs or freezes when the user is unable to work, give any further instructions and when other accessories like mouse or the keyboard fail to navigate. A freezing or hanging computer means existence of bad sectors on your computer's hard drive making it difficult to read or surpass them. This hinders the hard drive's ability to make necessary transactions like reading files or loading programs and is not able to access other sectors without completing the given command. Though rebooting or restarting the computer may help a few times, this condition should not be left unattended to as the bad sectors may increase with increased usage causing the complete hard disk to crash.

Heed to the symptoms of your ailing hard disk and you can be guaranteed a life time trouble free computer.
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laser pcb prototyping from Tips to Help You Choose the Best Encapsulated Coil Manufacturer

25. Jul 2016 17:26, rigidflex

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Encapsulated Coil Manufacturer Whether it is electrical appliances or heating applications, coils feature prominently in myriad requirements. These coils could be made from different materials such as copper, brass or many other materials. Depending on the applications, the required size of the coils greatly differs from a few millimeters to several inches. Making these coils with the best manufacturing practices is imperative to the smooth functioning of any application. For instance, an encapsulated coil that does not meet industry specifications will not offer the same service as that of a certified one.

Whether you are an OEM or a contract manufacturer, the need for solenoid coils arises in different applications. They are widely used in the electromechanical, electromagnetic and electronic sector. It is advisable to choose a manufacturing firm that has obtained an ISO certification or other similar industry benchmarks. Most manufacturers who make as toroidal coils and other types of coils would typically also offer you cable assemblies, transformers and PCB assemblies among other things. A reputable manufacturer offering a toroidal coils range should ideally have capacities to make coils from 0.20" to 10".

They should offer other features such as magnetic and electrostatic shielding, multi-filar winding, progressive winding capabilities, fast response and turnaround time, computer controlled processes for repeatability and accuracy and prototype production. Having all these features goes a long way in getting coils manufactured as per your drawings or parts lists.

Similarly, if you need to avail of a custom encapsulated coil range, you could opt for thermoplastic or thermoset molding. In case you require complete encapsulation, you could opt for epoxy transfer molding. Look for a manufacturer that can offer services such as injection molding, liquid molding, potting, high capacity shuttle presses and multi-cavity molds and low-cost production.

Whether your applications require solenoid coils or any other type of coil, sourcing them from the best manufacturer is imperative. This will ensure that your final products function as desired and your end customers get full value for their money. Getting the right engineering assistance from your manufacturer is also a great plus point as your engineering team can clearly state their requirements and expect the desired results.

The next time you have an encapsulated coil requirement, search for a company that has multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Choosing a business partner that offers engineering and design integration, cost-effective and standardized production methods and quality assurance will certainly help you fulfill your requirements to the optimum level. Finally, these parameters will have a positive effect on your profit margins.

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fast pcb prototyping for Printed Circuit Board Assembly Technology

25. Jul 2016 15:03, rigidflex

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Technology Suitable from their inception, assembly services have gained momentum and are regarded as a single on the most renowned solutions. A lot of corporations are constantly around the look out for most effective assembling technologies and services and suppliers give the top of their services. But prior to proceeding, let us very first know about a PCB Assembly- When electronic elements are attached to a PCB, it is known as Printed Circuit Assembly. It truly is performed only immediately after a Circuit Board Assembly has been produced fully. Various types of procedures are accessible to attach electronic components to printed circuit boards. Surface mount and through-the-hole technologies are mainly combined on a single Printed Circuit Assembly. This can be as a result of the availability of pretty couple of electronic elements in surface mount packages. Though, high volume production is executed by machine placement. Printed Circuit Assembly is made use of to connect and help electronic components mechanically. This is carried out by using conductive pathways or traces, engraved from the laminated copper sheers onto a non-conductive substrate. There are actually 3 ways to make PCB assembly. Those are: • Surface mount assembly - This technology emerged in 60s and evolved in 1980s. And now, it is widely made use of. In surface mount technology, elements have metal tabs, and can be soldered easily to the board. Higher circuit densities can be achieved if elements are attached on both the sides from the circuit. • Conventional PTH Assembly - Plated through-hole technologies includes elements with leads attached. Thee elements are inserted with the provision of drilled holes in a circuit board. This can be an expensive technique; however it leads to essentially the most efficient boards. • Box-build, Electro-Mechanical Assembly - This technologies involves the use of custom metalwork, wire harnesses and looms, cable assembly, and moulded plastics. All this is done to make Circuit Board Assembly. But, no matter how robust your PCB Assembly design is, it's still prone to wear and tear. And the damaged or outdated parts on the PCB Assembly are not obtainable easily in the market. In this case, it becomes necessary to avail Circuit Board Assembly solutions. Hence, producers should provide effective and efficient Printed Circuit Assembly service to their customer. This will not only keep the customers happy, but will also help the manufacturer to gain trust and goodwill in the market.
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pcb from china and Hang-ups, grinding sounds, burning smells and more signal hard drive Problems

25. Jul 2016 14:42, rigidflex

Hang-ups, grinding sounds, burning smells and more signal hard drive Problems Hard drive problems can cause you to lose access to sensitive information, family photos, financial statements and more. How do you know if it is a case of hard drive failure or something else that causes you to seek out data recovery services in the UK? Many times it is best to turn to a specialist who is familiar with data recovery in Bolton or even data recovery in Liverpool.

What signs or sounds should you take note of, so you can protect personal or company data before it is lost? Here are three signs that you may be on the verge of losing data or have already lost data, if you do not have a data recovery Liverpool plan in place or you have not taken your ailing hard drive straight away to a professional company that provides data recovery services in the UK.

Hard drive is not spinning at all - This sight can be a strong signal that you may need to contact a professional to provide data recovery in Bolton. If a professional sees your hard drive is not spinning and they have applied power and the hard drive is making no sounds, it is likely PCB failure is to blame. What is PCB? It is the circuitry board attached to the bottom of your hard drive that allows your computer to turn computer 1's and 0's into usable data. It may be possible to swap the PCB unit out in older computers, but not so in newer machines. The newer machines contain a microcode that must be matched and simply replacing the PCB will not work.

TVS diode - A shorted diode may be enough to rigid flex stop a hard drive from working properly. One short is enough to keep your computer operating system from functioning properly. However, it is easy to replace a burned out TVS diode if you can tell which diode is burned out. In many cases, it may be difficult to tell and why it is best to hire professionals who provide data recovery services UK to retrieve your inaccessible data.

Beeping sounds - These computer beeps are not random startup sounds. These beeps usually mean the computer is trying to get a hard drive to proper spinning rotation and cannot. The causes are usually mechanical failures, meaning heads aren't making contact with data or they are flying above. Heads can also cause platters to stop spinning. Hard drives and these metal heads are delicate. They require a specialist who is experienced in data recovery in Liverpool or Bolton.

Is this worth the cost of ��250? For many who have had to rely on a data recovery service, they may agree. Backing up data isn't just a passing whim and should be taken seriously if Brits want to preserve their precious memories and keep their accounts safe from hackers. Have you ever had to pay to have Mac data recovery before or Raid server data recovery performed? At Manchester Data Recovery, we can recover your lost photos, files, and music files.
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pcb prototype europe-Some Useful Information about 'PCB'

25. Jul 2016 14:02, rigidflex

Some Useful Information about 'PCB' We all would definitely agree rigid flex board that technology has been a boon to mankind. It has made possible numerous things that were dependent on manual labor before this. In short, we can say that technology has indeed proved to be a blessing for human beings, today, and if we observe carefully, we would surely be able to find that it has a major role to play in almost all spheres of life.

In the last few decades, many new technological inventions have taken place. One such thing has been the introduction of PCB switches. Before going further, it is very important to understand what PCB exactly is & why it is so widely utilized in the industry today.

What is PCB?
The full form of PCB is Printed Circuit Board. These boards comprise of conductive pathways, or traces, which are imprinted onto copper sheets & laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. The main function of the PCBs is to electrically connect the different electronic components within an appliance or device.

Advantages Of PCBs
There are many advantages associated with PCBs as opposed to other kinds of circuits; they are reliable and inexpensive. They are faster and cheaper to produce in high volumes. Also there is greater design consistency in case of PCBs.

PCBs: Common Materials Used
The materials that are used to make PCBs typically include a copper conduit layer that contains an overlay of laminate. Epoxy resin, which is somewhat like a hard plastic, is the material that is used in the creation of the laminate that covers the board. Due to the resin that is used to cover the board, which is a green epoxy, most of these products are green in color. However, there are other colors also that are available through the use of different types of laminating materials. These laminating materials include cotton paper mixed with epoxy as well as woven glass with epoxy. When it comes to materials, the standard ones used for producing PCBs include a thin layer of copper along with a green mask epoxy.

There are many reliable PCB Manufacturers in the market if you are seeking good rigid flex board quality PCBs. Before selecting any random PCB manufacturer, you need to conduct a thorough research about the different PCB manufacturers and suppliers in the market. For best results, choose a manufacturer who has sufficient knowledge and expertise in the domain & can help you in designing the best product for your application.

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pcb manufacture process Project Based Summer Training In Embedded System VLSI Robotics MATLAB LabVIEW PCB designing

25. Jul 2016 13:36, rigidflex

Project Based Summer Training In Embedded System VLSI Robotics MATLAB LabVIEW PCB designing Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an efficient Electronics Training and Development company, working towards the best career prospect of the growing engineers.

Priganik provides 3/6 Months 4/6 Weeks Project Based Industrial Training to All B.E/B.Tech students on self-support basis. We have tide- up with various Engineering colleges in the form of Project/Industrial/In-House Training to provide the high-end training and development program

PRIGANIK offers a wide spectrum of technical courses and application courses designed to suit every skill level, as well as the ability to consult directly with organizations to tailor made learning plans for any number of employees. Our products and services have a wide appeal and are applicable to those in varied positions including embedded design engineer, embedded developer, systems architects, test engineers, software developers, help desk staff, IT managers, senior executives, administrative assistants and business professionals.

PRIGANIK's leading IT-Education provider, equips learners with actionable knowledge, getting the right learning to the right people at the right time With PRIGANIK, you can accelerate and certify the skills of a globally dispersed staff with standardized course materials through every stage of the IT learning curve.

PRIGANIK's services:
PRIGANIK is into three major segments:
Project Based: - We provide project based training on various latest and upcoming technologies like Embedded System, Advance Embedded Systems (PIC, ARM, AVR), VLSI-Design & Verification, Robotics, VHDL, Verilog-HDL, Systems Verilog (HVL), Analog Circuit Designing(Spice Simulation), MSP430, PCB Designing, Ethical Hacking, Lab-View, MATLAB, Cyber Security, etc.
Corporate Training: - At PRIGANIK, we provide corporate education and custom-content training solutions to some of the India's largest private and public sector organizations. We serve our clients in various sectors such as Embedded Systems, VLSI-Design & Verification, information technology, education, professional services etc.

We have created embedded based products and web based solutions for many different types of businesses. Some examples of the embedded based products developed by us are Dhanbad Instruments pvt. ltd.
PRIGANIK is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services. Our consultancy and manpower supply services are an added advantage for our students.

PRIGANIK's Training packages:
PRIGANIK is specialized in imparting different types of training according to the needs of the Institute and students, namely:
Students undergo training on latest technologies at college campus (onsite) or at PRIGANIK Campus (offsite). Students are given real time exposure on LIVE Project buy pcb board that helps them gain in-depth knowledge of the technology.
Students in final year are worried about placement during 6-months training. Our Project Based Training Program is a process that starts with training based on live project and rigid flex pcb moves along the path of preparing the trainees for Interviews with the help of Industry Experts (Technical Interviews).
PRIGANIK also specializes in providing customized programs on various technologies, as per the requirement of the students/management or college.
The 6 Months Project Based Industrial Training is an exhaustive program on any of the chosen technology that equips the students with the in-depth knowledge of that technology with the hands on experience while working on the Live Projects. These programs are actually a golden opportunity for the students to learn some technologies which are not a part of their curriculum, which in turn catalyzes the smooth transition from college to workplace.
PRIGANIK specializes in providing training on various technologies namely:
*Embedded Systems
*Advance Embedded Systems (PIC, ARM, AVR)
*VLSI-Design & Verification
*Systems Verilog (HVL)
*Analog Circuit Designing (Spice Simulation)
*PCB Designing
*Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

The training has following distinctive features:
* Qualified & Certified Industry Professionals as Trainers/Faculty
* Industry Collaboration & Awareness
* Technical Panel from Industry in Different Domains
* Upgraded Course Curriculum
* Live Projects
* Training Certificates and Project Letter
* State of Art Infrastructure with well-equipped labs
* One year membership card (for project and technical assistance)

In case of further queries, please feel free to contact us:

Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
#20, Rishi Colony, Gatta,
Tonk Road, Jaipur (Raj)-302015
0141-2708729, 9461982003 / 4 / 5, 8058697556, 9509042519

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what is pcb manufacturing Printed circuit boards assembly and manufacturing

20. Jul 2016 19:10, rigidflex

Printed circuit boards assembly and manufacturing The printed circuit board constitutes the most crucial part of the electronic device. It looks simple, but requires lots of planning, rigorous testing, meticulous manufacturing and succinct design make it. Generally, printed circuit board is the board or plate which is used to assemble various elements that are important for the electrical circuits which carries the electrical and technical connection between them. The electronic printed circuit board assembly brought the simplicity in equipment design. The design of the most powerful communication devices such as satellites, mobiles, apart from laptops not possible to realize in the absence of those smart electronic circuit board assemblies.

Printed circuit boards:

It is one among the most essential component in the modern electronic devices such as PC, laptop, mobile and other devices. The invention of the Printed circuit board revolutionized the electronic devices, especially efficacy and size. It is actually made up of the insulated materials like fiberglass, composite epoxy, reinforced glass and also other laminated materials. The circuit board mechanically flex board pcb allows the electronic pathway. The conductive pathway is etched via various ways to ensure the connectivity. It also supports transistors, resistors and other circuits. The PCB can act as a foundation for many circuits.


The assembly of the circuit board is carried out in 2 methods. It is comprised of surface mount and hole through technique. A surface mount method various components are mounted between the different layers and leads are comprised to the surface that connect and finish the circuit. The assembly of surface mount is used for the multilayer PCBs. whereas hole through method, components needs to be mounted on boards are inserted via drilling in the board. This method component is fixed firmly and also withstands the physical pressure. The component connects to the board by using conductive paths PCB board and tracks. An advanced PCB assembly connection can be done by using high end machines. The assembly involves various stages, where each stage is compatible with the other stage. This helps to detect the issues easily and can adjust the process accordingly. In fact, the PCB assembly is efficient and affordable too.


The complex structure is fixed firmly in the circuit boards and so the manufacturing is the most crucial tasks. Printed circuits are available in different sizes based on the device being made and function of the device complexity. The larger boards are usually manufactured by the machines and some tiny boards are manually manufactured. The circuit board assembly has made a huge impact and changes in electronic gadget manufacturing industry. The crucial components of the circuit board production include CAM reading, design preparation, penalization, testing, inserting copper tracks, coating, lamination and printing. The penalization is usually used for manufacturing the tiny circuit broads. Instead of making the circuit board one by one, making multiple circuit boards on the single large board and can separate it easily. The circuit board comprises of 2 types based on the manufacturing process multiple layered boards and single layered boards. There are various used to etch the copper tracks to mainly ensure the conducting pathways.

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