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laser pcb prototyping from Tips to Help You Choose the Best Encapsulated Coil Manufacturer

25. Jul 2016 17:26, rigidflex

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Encapsulated Coil Manufacturer Whether it is electrical appliances or heating applications, coils feature prominently in myriad requirements. These coils could be made from different materials such as copper, brass or many other materials. Depending on the applications, the required size of the coils greatly differs from a few millimeters to several inches. Making these coils with the best manufacturing practices is imperative to the smooth functioning of any application. For instance, an encapsulated coil that does not meet industry specifications will not offer the same service as that of a certified one.

Whether you are an OEM or a contract manufacturer, the need for solenoid coils arises in different applications. They are widely used in the electromechanical, electromagnetic and electronic sector. It is advisable to choose a manufacturing firm that has obtained an ISO certification or other similar industry benchmarks. Most manufacturers who make as toroidal coils and other types of coils would typically also offer you cable assemblies, transformers and PCB assemblies among other things. A reputable manufacturer offering a toroidal coils range should ideally have capacities to make coils from 0.20" to 10".

They should offer other features such as magnetic and electrostatic shielding, multi-filar winding, progressive winding capabilities, fast response and turnaround time, computer controlled processes for repeatability and accuracy and prototype production. Having all these features goes a long way in getting coils manufactured as per your drawings or parts lists.

Similarly, if you need to avail of a custom encapsulated coil range, you could opt for thermoplastic or thermoset molding. In case you require complete encapsulation, you could opt for epoxy transfer molding. Look for a manufacturer that can offer services such as injection molding, liquid molding, potting, high capacity shuttle presses and multi-cavity molds and low-cost production.

Whether your applications require solenoid coils or any other type of coil, sourcing them from the best manufacturer is imperative. This will ensure that your final products function as desired and your end customers get full value for their money. Getting the right engineering assistance from your manufacturer is also a great plus point as your engineering team can clearly state their requirements and expect the desired results.

The next time you have an encapsulated coil requirement, search for a company that has multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Choosing a business partner that offers engineering and design integration, cost-effective and standardized production methods and quality assurance will certainly help you fulfill your requirements to the optimum level. Finally, these parameters will have a positive effect on your profit margins.

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