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pcb products from Is Our Oil Dependance Posioning Our Worlds Waters

14. Jul 2016 08:07, rigidflex

Is Our Oil Dependance Posioning Our Worlds Waters We need to stop polluting our ocean. People are destroying our oceans by putting chemical contamination in the water, which can hurt and kill the animals. If an oil spill comes in contact with a fish, whale, dolphin, and many others, it will smother them and clog their air hole or other air passage. It can get into their mouths, causing them to die. We have to protect our animals under the water from these kinds of oil spills and chemicals.

There is a major contamination in our ocean. It is called PCB, or polychlorinated biphenyl. It is found in pollutants like gas and many oils. They say that ocean mammals have 10 million PCBs in them, more than the water itself! Mammals have to have clean water to live and thrive in their world. People are damaging their home, dirtying the ocean bottom, and the water. It can change the way they produce and the way they live. Once oil gets spilled into the water, it gets contaminated, harming their environment.

In some parts of South America, they dump trash into the water where no one can see them do it. This is a big problem, because there is no one to give them a ticket or revoke them for their crimes until there are dead animals on the shores and in the water. There are 280,000 tons of tar in the water already! People are taking advantage of our ocean. There are about 8.8 million tons of oil going into our ocean waters every year.

Plastic is like a sponge for DD Ts, dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane, PCBs, and other oily toxins. These are not only what will kill mammals and other animals, but it will kill us as well sooner or later. Animals will be extinct, and so will we. The ocean is a beautiful place and is home to millions of sea creatures. Without it, we would not be able to fish, we dive in the water for shells, or swim PCB Flexible in there to see the different species in the area. It is so beautiful down there. Let's not rigid flex trash it up with nasty things that we use in our world. Let's clean it up!

If we recycle our paper, glass, plastics, aluminum, engine oils, and other toxic waste and get them properly disposed, we can decrease the pollution in our water. We can help them live a long time and be happy of the clean water, and we will feel better, too.
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