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what is pcb manufacturing Printed circuit boards assembly and manufacturing

20. Jul 2016 19:10, rigidflex

Printed circuit boards assembly and manufacturing The printed circuit board constitutes the most crucial part of the electronic device. It looks simple, but requires lots of planning, rigorous testing, meticulous manufacturing and succinct design make it. Generally, printed circuit board is the board or plate which is used to assemble various elements that are important for the electrical circuits which carries the electrical and technical connection between them. The electronic printed circuit board assembly brought the simplicity in equipment design. The design of the most powerful communication devices such as satellites, mobiles, apart from laptops not possible to realize in the absence of those smart electronic circuit board assemblies.

Printed circuit boards:

It is one among the most essential component in the modern electronic devices such as PC, laptop, mobile and other devices. The invention of the Printed circuit board revolutionized the electronic devices, especially efficacy and size. It is actually made up of the insulated materials like fiberglass, composite epoxy, reinforced glass and also other laminated materials. The circuit board mechanically flex board pcb allows the electronic pathway. The conductive pathway is etched via various ways to ensure the connectivity. It also supports transistors, resistors and other circuits. The PCB can act as a foundation for many circuits.


The assembly of the circuit board is carried out in 2 methods. It is comprised of surface mount and hole through technique. A surface mount method various components are mounted between the different layers and leads are comprised to the surface that connect and finish the circuit. The assembly of surface mount is used for the multilayer PCBs. whereas hole through method, components needs to be mounted on boards are inserted via drilling in the board. This method component is fixed firmly and also withstands the physical pressure. The component connects to the board by using conductive paths PCB board and tracks. An advanced PCB assembly connection can be done by using high end machines. The assembly involves various stages, where each stage is compatible with the other stage. This helps to detect the issues easily and can adjust the process accordingly. In fact, the PCB assembly is efficient and affordable too.


The complex structure is fixed firmly in the circuit boards and so the manufacturing is the most crucial tasks. Printed circuits are available in different sizes based on the device being made and function of the device complexity. The larger boards are usually manufactured by the machines and some tiny boards are manually manufactured. The circuit board assembly has made a huge impact and changes in electronic gadget manufacturing industry. The crucial components of the circuit board production include CAM reading, design preparation, penalization, testing, inserting copper tracks, coating, lamination and printing. The penalization is usually used for manufacturing the tiny circuit broads. Instead of making the circuit board one by one, making multiple circuit boards on the single large board and can separate it easily. The circuit board comprises of 2 types based on the manufacturing process multiple layered boards and single layered boards. There are various used to etch the copper tracks to mainly ensure the conducting pathways.

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